ERAS provides practical commercial and technical advice, modeling and research support to project developers, investors, financial institutions, utilities, government, international organisations and corporations. ERAS Energy (including related services industries and chemicals) has project experience on a worldwide basis. ERAS Arabia concentrates on project advice and business development across an even wider range of activities in the Arabian Gulf.

Our multidisciplinary team – economists, traders, engineers, chemists, management consultants, IT and environmental experts – benefits from broad market knowledge, years of collaborative experience and the expertise to develop busines and management solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our core business is single - not multi-client - research and advice.

ERAS offers clients a range of project and retainer services including:

  • project origination and advice
  • market and full feasibility studies
  • dynamic energy modelling
  • contract and risk management advice
  • policy advice
  • commercial due diligence for lenders and syndicators
  • change management 
  • price forecasting
  • technical evaluation
  • training